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Business innovation through
governance and edtech.

Board Academy, a reference in corporate governance practices, joins FCJ, the largest Venture Builder network in Latin America, with a presence in the US and Europe. From this union:

Board Ventures is born, a CVB – Corporate Venture Builder that will seek and develop startups focused on edtech, fintech and legaltech, among others.

We impact the corporate environment and take our purpose more broadly to companies and directors and expand the possibilities for people to put principles of corporate governance into practice

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What is a Venture Builder?

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Venture Builders are organizations that contribute with their own resources and work hands-on in the development of startups that have innovation and technology in their core businesses.

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We work with the Open Innovation model of startup development. Therefore, instead of creating our own startups, our Venture Builder looks to the market for solutions to help them grow.

What do we look for?

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Big Data

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Cyber Security
Document Validation

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Digital platforms

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Digital board
Lean Governance

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pontos para composição de fundo

Why be part of our portfolio?

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Strategic development of marketing and sales

Construction and acceleration of marketing and sales processes, enhancing the results of startups.

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Assistance in administrative processes

We help build and improve administrative processes for the sustainable development of your startup.

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Product validation process

Application of methodologies that make possible to obtain insights that make your product more interesting for the market.

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Fundraise Support

We support the startup in the necessary structuring to carry out the fundraise and we make the connection with Investment Funds and Investors.

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Business Footprint

We create strategic connections with the purpose of developing successful cases and boosting the results of your startup.

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Ecosystem Access

We are part of the International Innovation Ecosystem, generating business opportunities and investments in all startup stages.

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